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England travels

Lucky me! Jon’s parents decided to take a holiday and invited Jon and I (in our unemployed/money-saving/sit around the house and count our pennies while watching dvds-state) to come along with them. I’ve been told where we’re going is very “twee” (Brit speak for terribly cute) and lovely and I can’t wait. We’re going here:

which is surrounded by stuff like this:

and maybe even looks like this inside:

According to the website “the holiday cottage is ideally situated for exploring the Peak District on foot, by road bicycle, mountain bike or by car, and is surrounded by public footpaths in an area of outstanding natural beauty.” I am totally down for some Peak District exploring, believe you me. I may even rent a bike, although that’s a little frightening around here. Have I told you how terrified I am of the roads here? Because I am. They are incredibly narrow and curvy and the cars just whip around like nobody’s business (and on the opposite side of the road, no less, although I’m getting used to that) and there are mere inches between road and trees/bushes/fields NO BUFFER AT ALL and I just can’t say that I envy any biker EVER. Because nothing would be worse than having your life taken by a mini cooper while out for a leisurely evening ride in the country.

So this next week will consist of hiking, reading (how many books can I take, I wonder), possible bike riding, enjoying some “award winning” pubs (according to the website, again) and getting up close and personal with the English countryside. I can’t wait. Tomorrow is a 4 hour road trip in a tiny European vehicle with 4 people, 2 dogs, and our vacation-y things. Should be a bit cozy. See ya’ll next week!

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