I’m a mess!


Sick sick sick. Not terribly, I mean, it could be worse. We woke up yesterday morning to pack up our little cottage in the Midlands and leave the rainy weather behind for the warmer climes of Sussex. Apparently I didn’t make it out in time, and the rain got to me! Or to my lungs, at least. Since it was like this:

for a lot of the week-excluding the first day and parts here and there of the following ones, the cottage was a bit damp. And my weak, sad, infection prone lungs have fallen prey to the damp. Sad day. So I woke up with a tickle in my throat yesterday, which got worse and was joined by a very runny nose during the 5 1/2 (with lots of traffic!) ride back to the house. I was not in good shape by the time we got home. And I woke up in worse shape.  And now I’m wheezing all over the place with bits of tissue stuck up my nose, taking antibiotics and definitely not in the mood or mental state to edit the 222 pictures I took over the last week. So. Many. Pictures. And my wisdom teeth come out soon, so I hope the sickness doth not interfere. That would be oh so terrible. Anyway, I’m off to read/wheeze/sleep. Here’s a sample of what I did last week when it wasn’t super rainy!

More later!

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