A super rowdy Pride fest


huuungry boyfriend

Obviously no adherence to the sign.

I always love Pride parades/festivals. Rainbows! Equality! Happy happy! So Saturday Jon and I definitely wanted to check out Brighton Pride before heading back to Lindfield. We made it out of the boys’ house, ambled down to the theater to FINALLY watch Inception (so good! ah!) and then walked around the Lanes for a bit, eventually grabbing something to eat at a delicious restaurant called seriously, everything looked delicious. Even Jon, who’d wanted to go somewhere and get “meat” (any kind, he was jonesing and his hungover self wanted a burger) was super impressed with the vegan nachos he ordered. I had the AMAZING halloumi pitta sandwich pictured above. Sweet chili sauce too! Drool. Yum.

Anyway, after that we began the stroll to the park that was hosting Pride. People were everywhere! Tons of costumes, lots of skin, and by this point (4:30ish?) there were a million drunks everywhere. The park was a mess, but the festival was packed-rides and food and some sort of rave tent, lots of people just sitting in groups on the ground with their peeps, drinking and chilling, or fighting, or peeing in view of anyone. I was saddened by the lack of trash cans. So unnecessarily messy in such a beautiful park!  People were crazy. Oh, and obviously there was lots of lovin! I don’t know though, the vibe wasn’t as positive as I expected…there seemed to be lots of negative energy floating around, but maybe that was just me-and maybe it was better earlier in the day before the all-day-drinking had had time to effect the participants. Oh well. I’m just glad I wasn’t in charge of the clean-up!

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