A Day at the Beach

England travels

Well, not the whole day at the beach.

It’s been less than summery these past few weeks, so Monday’s fantastic sunshine, coupled with the fact that it was a bank holiday=lots of people hanging out at the shore.  Jon and I decided to go down and have a stroll along the promenade to take advantage of the weather. It was such a great day! The stroll was all sorts of interesting…it was a great day for people watching. Babies and fun clothes (not necessarily on the babies) everywhere! We saw a huge black dog as big as a small horse, and I found a playsuit (romper) for 15 pounds that I *really* wanted to buy but we hadn’t gone to an ATM yet. Bummer. I was very intrigued by a local second-hand bookseller, but it’s getting to the point where if I don’t want to put it in my luggage in two weeks, that I probably shouldn’t buy it. And my current reading list is too long anyway, so I put forth some restraint!  We followed it up with a drink at one of the beach bars for some more chilling and people watching. Later we met some of Jon’s friends for dinner and a few more drinks before catching the train home. The perfect end of summer kind of day!

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