The times, they are a-changin’


Fall is my favorite. It has always been my preferred season. I’m sure part of this is due to the fact that I’m an October baby, so the coming of autumn has always meant a birthday around the corner, but I stand strong by the judgement-changing leaves, cooler temperatures, autumnal wardrobe changes-definitely the best of the 4 seasons! Unfortunately I’m all mixed up as far as weather goes. It has been very fall-like in the UK, so coming back to Ohio’s super hot days (87 F yesterday!) is just not cool. It feels nice and crisp in the evening though, so I’m holding on to that. And trying not to stand in the sun during the day. My delicate white skin is still intact so far. I may melt if it doesn’t cool down soon though. (Please forget how I was whining about how chilly it’s been in England, thanks).

I decided I wanted to take a little break for some catch-up blogging while I sit in my dad’s house today, trying to get more of my life together. I’m a bit stressed right now (school stuff, seems I’ve misplaced my student email, which various teachers have been emailing, and I’ve not been getting, and also, I set that up to get forwarded to my gmail so where the h did this problem get started, hmm?) and I’ve only been back from England for 4 days (oh, gosh, only 4 days! It seems like so much longer…) I’ve been a busy bee, finally running again, running all over campus for a graduate id, meeting my advisor, sorting out bank nonsense, living out of my little suitcase,whew. I stayed in Columbus at my future house over the weekend and through Tuesday morning so that I could get all those things done on campus yesterday. Which was not an awesome idea. Little did I know, yesterday was international student check-in day at OSU, so everywhere I went, I was thwarted by Asians. Not a big deal, but I was not ready. And I was sweating, and walking everywhere, and I still had no phone, so that didn’t help sometimes, and…wait, I’m whining. Time out.

It’s exciting to be going back to school. I realize that I probably still look like an undergrad, but I feel as if I’ve been gone and lived a million years since I was last there. I think I was 22 when I graduated, and I’ll be 26 here in a few weeks. Lots of time for living life! I did well the last time around, but I’m hoping to do better this time. Time to buckle down, find a local coffee shop, and study my life (or the next year and a half) away.

As for my American return. Friday night I got off a plane and into my dad’s car. By Saturday night I was having a fun, crazy adventure with the best friends. I swear, no matter where I go, every time I come back it’s like I’ve never left. And I am so thankful for that. Now I’ll be moving in with one of those fine people and I couldn’t be more happy to know and trust the person I’ll be living with.

4 days till move-in. 7 days till my first class. Bring it on grad school. WATCH OUT.

4 thoughts on “The times, they are a-changin’”

  1. *exciting*

    It’s going to be another god-damn year until I’m a grad-student (if it ever even happens).

    I also love cider. God damn I want a pint of cider.

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