Pumpkin Ale’s the ticket!


I say the pumpkin ale, because I’ve finally made my first run to the grocery store, stocked up on many many things, and bought some Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale to treat myself. Yay for autumn!Too bad I forgot my wallet in my other bag and the roomie had to pay…that was embarassing. Really. Moving on.

I’m nearly moved in! I have no bed, but I’ve made a nice bohemian little space for myself where I’d put a bed, if I had one, and it’s made of a comforter and various sheets n things. I need a lava lamp and a beaded curtain to keep the vibe going…yeah.

Moving sucks. I hate it. And according to my calculations, I’ve moved house 12 times in the past 7 years. That’s a lot. Fortunately, I haven’t actually picked up too much big stuff in those years-I’m big on purging myself of extraneous goods before and after moving. My biggest personal belongings are a bookshelf and a dresser. That’s it. Other than that, I own far too many books, a lot of clothes, and various knick knacks n things from my travels. So on the one hand, I have lots of little things, and nowhere to really store them. It’s a conundrum. But I’m nearly all settled here and that’s what matters now.

Now back to my pumpkin ale!

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