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Friday night Rachel and I decided to hit the Short North for some drinks and catching up. I haven’t seen her since I moved into my Columbus apartment, so I was definitely looking forward to celebrating the end of my first week of grad school classes with some tasty beverages and a good friend. (I actually only had class on Thursday since school only started Wednesday..but still!) Rachel thought we should go to this new place, Mouton, that she’d heard wonderful things about, and so we did! Lovely “vintage cocktails”, served beautifully, locally baked fresh bread (we had a piece of kosher sea salt bread, something with raisins, and another delicious bite that I can’t remember), and artisan meats and cheeses. My kind of place! We were not about to shed 20 bucks for a cheese plate, but we did fork over the $4 for a scrumptious appetizer of various breads and marinated olives. Yum! I had two cocktails-a fantastic dirty martini, and a “French” martini. Both were amazing. I’d go back in a second.

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