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Last Sunday I talked my apolitical roomie into heading to campus for the Obama Rally for the mid-term elections on the campus of Ohio State. I went to undergrad there, I’m currently a graduate student there, I’ve lived in Columbus off and on since 2003…and I’ve never seen anything so huge. It was an amazing gathering!

The line to get in was fairly epic. Updates beforehand said to prepare for “airport like security” and they weren’t kidding. But the line (which stretched through campus and all the way around the stadium for about half a mile or so) moved quickly and everyone was in a pretty celebratory mood.The speakers-most of the big wigs on the Dem. ticket up for election in two weeks!- said their pieces and moved quickly, and John Legend came onstage to sing three songs before heading to his gig at the Student Union. Finally, Michelle and then Barack came out. They are such good speakers! I swear, I would listen to either of them talk for hours…they’re just so compelling.

Told you that line was looooong. This is a little bit round the stadium!

And the man who had to be talked into going to see the President…

See that look on his face!

In case you hadn’t heard, it was a big deal for a couple of reasons. The first reason was that the Obamas hadn’t campaigned together in the same place since the run-up to the 2008 election. And second, it ended up being the largest (political) rally ever in the U.S., with over 35,000 people in attendance. I’m really glad that I got to be a part of that. Now get out and vote on November 2nd! It’s your duty as an American citizen!

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    1. That’s what was said at the rally, and what was reported in the papers after. Obviously, i was nowhere near the front, so my pictures only show what I was around! There were *tons* of people though, seriously!

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