Gallery Hoppin’ on a Saturday Night


One of my favorite things to do on the first Saturday of every month is to check out Gallery Hop in the Short North district of Columbus! I love the people watching, the coffee drinking, and the chance to pop in and out of all the great boutiques and restaurants. My very favorite Hops, in case you were wondering: October, any of the summer ones (can’t beat strolling in the summer time), and Holiday Hop in December for all the Christmassy goodness. I generally don’t buy much, but this time I ended up picking up a jar of hot pepper jelly for my dad’s birthday from a little shop with a strange name, which I conveniently forget right now. Nia and I also checked out an absolutely fabulous wedding dress boutique called Big Rock Little Rooster-we just had to go in, due to the girls dancing in the window of the shop, dressed up in wedding gowns and leather jackets, swigging some bottles of beer. Rock n roll indeed! We finished up the Hop at Union for some delicious food and to sing along to some dirty pop music, then headed back to the house for a rollicking game of cards. (Anyone ever heard of Phase 10? Pretty awesome.) Fantastic Saturday.

Love us some public transportation!-Bus stop shenanigans.

We spent quite a while wandering around Flower Child-so many vintage goodies! Some more hilarious than others-I even found a vintage playboy, which was pretty cool in that bygone-era kind of way.

My number one lady!

I can’t believe it’s already November 7th! I feel like the month just started, but the first week is already over. The quarter is flying by. Grad school is different in that I have no final exams, just several projects and papers all due at the end. It keeps me busy. And December is going to be amazing. Don’t want to rush it, but I can’t wait!

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