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New lemony goodness! Those who know me in real life know of my obsession with all things lemon-lemon scents for lotions, lemonheads for candy, I even eat raw lemons(particularly the ones they put in your water at restaurants-Jon is well versed enough to just hand them to me without asking!). I know many people think it’s strange, but I’d pick sour goodies over sweet any day of the week. That’s just how I roll.

So last night, the roomie and I headed to Easton for a little shopping extravaganza. (not really, I only bought from one store, so I guess extravaganza is a strong word-much more exciting though) I can’t believe how much more Christmassy it seems once you take your first trip to a mall post-Halloween….xmas lights/trees/music everywhere. Plus Joe’s been all over the Christmas tunes on his laptop this week….A little to early for me, but I digress. We went into CO Bigelow and I was oh so pleased to see that 1) they were having a buy two get one free for EVERYTHING in the store, and 2) they have a seasonal lemon fragrance! I’m hardly a Bigelow connoisseur, but I was intrigued and most definitely took advantage of the offer. It smells so lovely, and now I have lemon body butter, lemon sugar scrub, and a lemon candle. All set on the lemon front!

4 thoughts on “lemony snickets”

  1. OOoolala! I can totally get behind anything with lemon… and sugar! I used the bigelow lemon/sugary creme and looooved it (smelled good enough to eat). I’m drooling over that candle. Question: do you sprinkle sugar over the lemon before you eat it? I’m not sure I could do it with out a bit of sweet… unless is was a meyer lemon…nommmm.
    p.s. My “extravaganzas” are similar 😉

  2. That sounds amazing! I love citrus-y scents. I used to have that lemon/sugar scrub, I think–is it really oily, too? Loved it! Ended up giving it to my cousin when I moved after grad school, since it was hard to pack and take.

    1. oh bummer! yeah, it’s a bit oily but just perfect for a little delicious smelling exfoliation as it gets colder up here in Ohio:) Winter wreaks havoc on my skin!

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