Early Thanksgiving Festivities


I am in a complete food coma. Pre-Thanksgiving, all vegetarian feast. I have never seen so much food in my life! Faux meatloaf, shephard’s pie, mac and cheese, mushroom gravy, brussel sprouts, roasted veggies, gnocchi, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, crescent rolls, apple crisp, peach cobbler , ice cream, and to top it all off, hot toddies!

Delicious. Exhausting. Not to mention I have never been in such a crowded house! We somehow managed to fit something like 20+ people around 3 dining tables stuck end to end, running from wall to wall. It was a cozy party for sure.


piled high!

I invited my friend Mike to come along with me (he’s never had anything explicitly vegetarian, ever!) and he got all dressed up! We look pretty suave. Loving the art in the background:)

Post-meal espresso/chat/hold puppies time.

And the finishing touches….triple Italian Greyhound cuddle party!

Why yes, two out of three of the pups are wearing outfits-that’s Winston on the left and Phillipe on the right. They like it that way. I promise. And Bella in the middle only has three legs! Such a pile of cute, they are. Let the Thanksgiving week begin!

2 thoughts on “Early Thanksgiving Festivities”

  1. Awww looks like so much fun, Ashley!!! Lurve the puppies and equally love the get-together photos- makes me wish I realllly weren’t at work just now (whoops! Should probably not be commenting on blogs then ;)). Hope you have a great rest of the week!!!

    1. There’s always time for some bloggin fun at work! The pups were a great bonus to a fantastic meal. Hope you ladies enjoy your (hopefully short) week and the holiday!

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