Wish list


Tis the season, right? Things I would love to own. Let’s get materialistic.

1. Cook books-I love ’em. And I’ve started liking this new Food Network lady-she’s rowdy like me!


2. This album by my contemporary folk dream team, The Monsters of Folk: Conor Oberst, M.Ward, Mike Mogis, and Yim Yames. (My all time folk dream team has already been done-Traveling Wilburys anyone? Or even more awesome-The Highwaymen?)

Really I just want to up my vinyl collection. A little birdy told me I may finally obtain a solid record player come Christmas time!

3. My poor little all-purpose messenger bag has finally bit the dust. I’m just glad it made it through almost the whole quarter, carrying my notebook, regular books, water bottle, wallet, ipod, keys….oh man, I carry too much stuff. Anyway, now’s the time for a new one! I like this version from Mod Cloth.

4. I can never have too many cameras. It’s a vice. I love them.And I’ve been wanting a Diana or a Holga for a long time! This white one is pretty sharp.


5. More albums! But really…..love. Neutral Milk Hotel, my man Cash, Urban even has Bon Iver’s, which is definitely one of my favorite albums of the past year and possibly one of my favorites ever. Time will tell.


6. This jewelry stand. This one is actually useful:) My jewelry collection is currently a hot mess, scattered around nails on the wall and various spots on my bureau. 7. Okay, this is just me getting greedy. But it’s a wish list! WISHES. And with that logic, I give you one of those Flip video cameras. Portable, adorable, and I do enjoy making a good video at this point in my life!

8. This dress looks so comfy and wonderful!


9. Oh. Swoon.

Alright, I think that’s enough! I will probably get zero of these things for Christmas, but I just love making lists anyway. And Christmas isn’t really about presents anyway, right? Right! Besides, I can always get myself a little post-Christmas Ashley-gift-for-Ashley….That dress, and those boots, and those albums, and I didn’t even put any books on the list…..uh oh.

2 thoughts on “Wish list”

    1. I know! It really is so hard-especially with all the great deals out at this time of year! Ah well, I guess that’s what post-Christmas is for:)

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