Santa Claus is comin’ to my house, my house


The roomie likes to give me a lot of flack because I’m not “in the spirit” like he is come Christmas time. Little does he know (well actually, he definitely knows now, I have told him several times over the past few weeks) that I like to get festive-but only after Thanksgiving! It really, really bothers me to start celebrating holidays out of order. Christmas is not right after Halloween, so why do the decorations come out in October? No. Not for me. It just leads to more of a post-holiday depression come January 2.  So I like to wait until after Thanksgiving, then jump in on the decorations, movie watching, songs, party planning, etc.

Our tree looks pretty fabulous. As does our mantle-and ooo boy I feel fancy even having a mantle. I want to make a fake fire in it, then sit on a cozy chair and read a book by its fake light! (Not a fake book though, a real book)

The point is, I’ve finally begun to get excited about the holidays. Finals are nearly finished-just a presentation left on Thursday!-and I fly to the UK early Friday morning to be with my dude and his family for 10 days before dragging him back here with me for Christmas with my family. Last time I flew to Heathrow, it didn’t go so well….I’ve been a nervous wreck thinking about this journey, but the best thing I can do is just try to stay positive, and assume they’ll let me in, because they have no reason not to! And after all, it’s the holidays. Only a bunch of terrible grinches wouldn’t let a poor grad student enjoy her vacation in England with her boyfriend!

The weather is finally freezing cold as well. Better before Christmas than after! Really, after February-ish, I’m over the cold, but this is Ohio, where it can snow in April, so I’m just thankful that the snow and chill held off all the way until December-it will make winter seem less long in the new year. And I just got my two favorite pairs of boots all re-soled, just in time for traipsing about the city!

Hope you’re all getting in the Christmas/Chanukah/Holiday spirit out there!

(p.s. you’re supposed to sing the title to the tune of  LCD Soundsystem’s “Daft Punk is Playing at my House!)

4 thoughts on “Santa Claus is comin’ to my house, my house”

  1. This tree is gorgeous! Your roommate is one amazing man. The ‘peace’ ornament is obviously a symbol of what he wants your roomateship to be.

  2. Really!? I mean, he seems like a nice guy. He just stresses out a lot and snaps at those he’s closest to. I think you should get him some anxiety medication for christmas.

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