Hello from England!

England travels

I made it! Not without some drama, as a matter of the general course that my adventures take me in. I only had one connecting flight from Columbus to Chicago (fly west to then go east? sounds like a logical idea…), but as my flight was touching down in Chi, my phone started to ring. When I answered, Jon asked me why I was flying to Boston, which left me utterly confused. Turns out, he’d been trying to follow my travels online and the O’Hare website had already listed my AA flight from Chicago to London as cancelled! All the people from my plane were then re-routed, so after spending several hours hanging out in O’Hare, watching tv on my laptop, I flew to Boston, wandered around there for a few hours and FINALLY got on a flight at 6:10pm to London Heathrow. Poor Jon had to come get me at 5:30 Saturday morning. I was so thankful for no problems with customs this time! (And I think Jon was too, he looked like he was on the verge of a breakdown when I finally made my way out of the terminal).

So far we’ve done nothing but eat, sleep, and chill out! I can’t ask for more really-the jet lag was a bit harsh. Tomorrow Jon goes back to work, so I’m planning on doing a “health walk” (haha) with his mom in the morning, hopefully doing some baking, then going into Brighton to meet Jon for a sushi dinner. Although I miss the snow that was making Ohio beautiful, Christmassy, and apparently a little dangerous, I’m so glad to be back here for the next 9 days! (And hopefully some snow will fall this week, if I’m lucky).

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