Change of Plans (I should probably expect this by now!)


Technically I should be sitting at Heathrow airport right now, checking in and getting ready for my flight with Jon back to Ohio via Chicago. But no-I’m currently listening to the UK top 40 while Jon plays Mario. Why, you ask? For those not in the loop of UK weather this week (um…everybody?) the country has basically shut down becaue of all the snow and ice that’s piled up since the weekend! It started on Saturday, and Heathrow essentially closed completely. No flights in or out. Sunday only 7 flights went out. It’s a hot mess. The pictures on the news make it look like the Blitz has just hit and it’s a war zone! People everywhere, piled up luggage, those silver warmth blanket things being passed out. Long story short, our flight for today (Tuesday) was cancelled. Our offers for a make up flight were 1. a single ticket to Dayton today-we said no, 2. Christmas Day, 3. day after Christmas. So we’ll be flying in on the day after Christmas. I feel so bad for my family, especially my mom, since she’ll have another Christma with neither of her daughters. On the upside, since Jon is now officially on holiday, we can actually hang out together during the day, and may even brave the elements tomorrow to go up to London and meet up with some friends for playtime in the glorious winter wonderland that England has become! As for today, I’m currently downloading a massive number of Christmas movies for us to watch, and tonight we’ll be having some drinks and making kimchi stew for dinner. I’m excited. Making the best out of a not-perfect situation:)

3 thoughts on “Change of Plans (I should probably expect this by now!)”

  1. It’s been all over the news here as well. It’s odd to me that Dayton has a direct connect with London. That just doesn’t seem right to me. The only thing that you and Jon are going to be missing is me spying on the new neighbors. I know they’re from California. That’s about it. I only know that because they parked in my spot. I won’t hesitate to tell them to Fuck Off instead of saying hello if they continue.

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