Korean Reunion in London town!

eating London South Korea

So when I was over across that big ol’ pond Jon and I went up to London for a day to meet up with our friends Dave and Ha Young.

here they are!

Dave only just came back from his teaching stint in Korea in November, and Ha Young had just gotten off a plane a few days before our reunion, so it was really great to see the two of them! The weather was freezing….seriously, so cold. But we did some lovely wandering. First, we went to “Winter Wonderland” in Hyde Park. Very much a wonderland-rides and food and toys and friendly squirrels and coffee with rum in it and ice skating that no one wanted to do…

After the Wonderland we wanted to get to somewhere a little more dense and therefore less chilly, so we went to a great open market under (near?) London Bridge. I love markets, and this one did not disappoint. In fact, I bought 3 pound (money not weight) of garlic stuffed olives and they were amazing.

By then we were hungry, even though we sampled everything that could possibly be sampled! Apparently it only whet our appetites, so we found  an adorable and oh-so-tiny Italian restaurant not too far away. Service was questionable, but the food was delicious, particularly a baked brie appetizer that we shared.

we’re not good at being still and smiling at the same time

Dinner finished, it was time to head back to Victoria Station. Trains/buses to catch and all that. It was a long day, but such a nice one and I can’t wait to see our friends again-who knows where it will be next time:)

gorgeous, isn’t it?

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