Let’s Talk Yoga


Okay, seriously. So I live down the street from a yoga studio and I recently signed up for a pass. One of my graduate classes for tonight was cancelled, so I had some extra time on my hands and decided to go to their vinyasa class at 4:30. It was awesome. And eclectic. Let’s discuss.

*stereotypically hippy dippy instructor=yes.

*said instructor enthusiastically asking me about my back tat while I’m in down dog=totally.

*giant, muscle-y, bald, extensively tattooed yogi in the back row=yep.

*throwing of yoga blocks as part of the practice-you know it.

*crow pose attempted=i tried, i really did, but not successfully.

it looks like this, in case you were wondering.

Best part-while everyone was in final resting pose the instructor went around and gave a little cranial massage with this amazing smelling massage oil stuff!

In short, it was a great class, my muscles are so tired but happy, and I would love to go again. Hopefully I can make it next week. Namaste!

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