My bff got me a lovely lacey white skirt for Christmas, so I decided to give it a try last night when I went to see Stomp with my dad and stepmom.  (When telling a friend of my plans for my Friday night, she said “that sounds 90s-tastic!” and I am inclined to agree). The show was fun-thanks Dad and Pam! Drumming and stomping and clapping and all sorts of musical goodness. And the Palace Theater is so pretty! (Good job downtown Columbus!) Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Columbus has so many big city amenities…after years of living here, it seems small. But hey, capital city, it’s got a lot going in its favor! Anyway, I took some pictures of my outfit to see if it was actually working out, or if it was just in my head-how I’d love a full size mirror on the wall! And since I have a blog, well, I may as well put gratuitous pictures of myself on it.

I really have no idea how to stand by myself in a picture. I should just like, look away or something, be all emo. I need to start taking tips from style bloggers if I’m going to go all fashiony on occasion!

The skirt though, I approve.

Next time-no pictures of myself,  I promise!

2 thoughts on “Stomp!”

    1. thanks lindz! i think a fashiony blog would mean i would have to develop poses of some sort, or at least buy a tripod so i don’t look so awkward/boring. either way, sometimes i like my clothes, so i think i’ll occasionally be doing posts with that sort of bend…

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