Drag Queens and Bloody Marys on a Sunday night


Last night we went to Union for a birthday celebration for Joseph-drag queens, show tunes, $3 mimosas and $3 bloody marys! It was a long night for me… I think as I get older, it becomes harder to stay out like I used to. Then again, it’s been a slow progression over the years since I was 19/20 and could go out multiple times a week with no repercussions (besides those of my bank account). Now a big night out once a month or so suits me just fine. Oh well, such is life, and I have fast become an old lady.  But I digress.

The drag queens were pretty great. I love a good show tune with my dinner.

My night ended with a rousing karaoke rendition of “Poison” by Bell Biv Devoe, and it was epic. The crowd went wild! That was the climax of my big weekend. I hope those of you that got today off enjoyed it.  I was, unfortunately, not functioning as a human until 5 pm, but I guess that’s just what happens sometimes. Now onward to the short week!

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