Tunes for a chill Friday night…


My night so far: gym, smoothie, Kill Bill 1.

My night to come: Kill Bill 2, cup of tea, sleep.

Sometimes you just need a quiet night to yourself.  Here are some tunes for that sort of evening.

Cat Power-Ice Water


Adele-Rolling in the Deep

Regina Spektor-Samson

Nancy Sinatra-Bang Bang


Bit of a girl power kick lately, if you couldn’t tell…

2 thoughts on “Tunes for a chill Friday night…”

  1. That sounds like almost a perfect Friday night – almost because I’m not a huge Tarantino fan. But, I’m still envious about such a laid back evening. I’ve had a huge project at work and feel like I haven’t stopped working for the past 3 weeks – blerg.

  2. I hope you had some time to chill over the weekend! Yeah, I feel you though-as a grad student, it’s like there is ALWAYS something I should/could be doing. Sometimes you just need a quiet night where you refuse to do any work. Mental health day! Good luck finishing up that project:)

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