slip sliding



Jon and I were skyping today and he laughed at me, saying that it was amusing that I live in a place where we can say that “weather is coming”. But it’s true! England and it’s excessive drizzly dreariness has nothing on the extremes that one finds in Ohio, particularly in the winter time. Today-ice, ice everywhere. I spent my day inside studying, and although I’d already made the decision to skip my only class at 4:30 (city buses+inches of solid ice on the roads=no way. no way whatsoever), classes were eventually all cancelled anyway as most of the city shut down. Now I’m left wondering what tomorrow will be like. More weather coming in, at least a half inch more of ice, and perhaps even snow. Looking outside right now, it looks like a straight mirror reflecting the sky. Shiny and smooth on top of the ice-not something I want to be out in, but beautiful to see.

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