Procrastination-I am good at it.


Oh man you guys. I meant to get a lot, A LOT more work done today than I did. Big paper due on Monday. And it’s only 5-6 pages, which is normally just a little drop in the ol’ grad school bucket, but since it’s my hardest-grading professor, I’m a little nervous. Seriously-she commented angrily on my last assignment that I’d used 11 point font and NOT 12 POINT FONT. Oh noooooooo, not 11 point font, ahhhhh! Anyway, I am on a self-inflicted lock down for the weekend, but unfortunately the lock down did not work as well as I’d hoped this evening and in fact just ended up with me watching Wizards of Waverly Place and eating chips and salsa. I have an outline prepared, and one page so far, so I’m not completely incompetent. The internet-it gets me every time. So wish me luck for tomorrow. I’m hoping to get most of it finished. And I really, really want to be done by Sunday evening-Puppy Bowl! Super Bowl (commercials)!

In other, delicious food news from my week:

That’s right. Curry.

I made some the other night. Does it count as homemade curry when one uses a curry paste? I think so. Tofu, carrots, peas, coconut milk, brown rice….it was delicious!

So I hope everyone’s having a good Friday night out there… I’m heading to bed soon, and getting a fresh start for my Saturday. Weekend!

2 thoughts on “Procrastination-I am good at it.”

  1. That curry looks delicious – it totally counts as homemade! I’m starting grad school next fall and I totally am not looking forward to papers. I just can’t believe that professor is so anal about font size!

  2. I know! She’s pretty intense, as far as professors go…eep! Overall though, I’m just thankful that grad school is pretty quick-year and a half and it’s finished. What are you going to grad school for? Good luck!

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