Soup n Biscuits

America eating

Paper writing, couch sitting, tea drinking, music listening. That was my Saturday-quiet and task-based. The snow started again, so I had even more desire to stay in and lay low (I must admit, I was a bit melancholy-a quiet, snowy Saturday is the perfect thing to be accompanied by some snuggling with my love, and of course, he is far, far away). By this evening I was feeling cabin feverish, and thus decided some cooking and baking would be a good remedy. Soup and biscuits! I don’t have a stand by biscuit recipe, so I just looked up one from Paula Deen (good ol’ Paula, the butter queen!) on the Food Network website. And because I was feeling frisky, I got a little funky with the biscuit shapes, as you could see. More proof.

I am so crazy! Woo! Man biscuits!

Anyway, the biscuits were not as flaky as I’d like, but they were very good with a bit of butter or dunked in soup. And I have a bunch left now, so I’ll be eating some biscuits with jam and butter with my coffee tomorrow morning, which I am very much looking forward to. I also have plenty of delicious leftover tortellini soup, so basically I will be munching on things made today for most of my day tomorrow. That is, until I head over to Rachel’s tomorrow night for a dinner party (and not a Super Bowl party! She doesn’t watch football, but I’ve made her promise to at least let me watch puppy bowl…that’s good enough). At the very least this all means that on Sunday night I will leave my house for the first time since Thursday night. I am a homebody. It’s official.

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