Super Bowl-ish party

America eating

I finally left my house last night and went somewhere that wasn’t the gym! Yes indeed-I put on real clothes and went over to Rachel’s house where a delicious feast was waiting for us. Her roommate, Ben, is a bit of an amateur gourmet…he loves making fancy things with fancy ingredients. We had artisan cheesy garlic bread, a delicious salad with candied pecans and lemon-garlic vinaigrette, vegan bbq chicken wings made from homemade seitan (I didn’t even know you could make that at home!), fettucine with mussels, and finally some homemade strawberry cinnamon pie. I was stuffed. It was amazing! I wish I had some more of those chicken wings right now to make my Monday more special. So while we ate all this deliciousness we also watched the Super Bowl, made fun of the ads, and generally had a good time-of course flipping back and forth between Puppy Bowl! We had a veritable puppy bowl of our own, with 3 Italian greyhounds, one boxer, and one beagador in the mix. (Beagador=beagle + labrador)

For once, not so many food pictures! I was far too busy stuffing my face with the appetizer bits to pause for a photo of their deliciousness. And the dogs are much funnier anyway, especially when they all get together. They are pretty much doggy cousins, and have grown up together off and on for the past 5 years (Davey, the black one above is 5 years old now-an old man! And Phillippe, the gray greyhound, is only a year or two younger, I think). During college I was always so jealous that I didn’t have my own dog, but being an auntie to all these guys made it alright. Especially Davey! When I was freshly heartbroken from my last relationship and had moved back in with Kellie and Rachel after moving out of the apartment I shared with my ex, Davey and I hung out a lot. I also quit my job shortly after the breakup and a few months later moved to Korea (where wonderful things were to happen), but in the interim, I laid around the living room a lot in my pajamas, watching reruns of Bones and Charmed on tv. Davey kept me company and was an expert couch cuddler. But I digress. Dogs are wonderful, is the main point, and once I settle down somewhere for the forseeable future-well, that’s when I’ll get one of my own. For now, aunt-dom and puppy bowl will have to suffice.

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