That time Jon flew across the ocean and proposed to me (!!!)



This is the face I made at the airport on Saturday night. This is the face I made when I saw Jon walk up (surprise!)  after he did a secret fly-into-Ohio on Saturday after lying to your girlfriend and saying you’ll be paintballing with your friends back in England all day for your birthday that was on the 11th and that’s why you can’t skype for once.  It was a success. The roommate was in on it and asked me to drive him to the airport to pick up a friend of his (specifically I was asked to be the dd, as he’d already had a bottle of champagne to drink, but the farce worked nonetheless). I couldn’t believe it. At all. Really, I made the face above for several minutes, then stared at my lap, refusing to believe what was going on. Then I cried a lot. So that was a big deal.

Then we went and got his luggage, dropped Joe off at a bar downtown (he was very excited too, and proud of himself for keeping a secret), went home, very pleased. Especially after Jon told me that 1) he was staying for a WHOLE WEEK and 2)he was STILL going to come for spring break!

But that was not all!

After a wonderful night of cuddles and drinking some good ol’ Columbus brews, we both somehow managed to wake up super early Sunday morning. Like, 7 o’clock early. We were chatting and just enjoying each other’s company when Jon um…”popped the question”, as they say. Ring and all. And I said yes. And now we’re gettin’ hitched.

Yay! So there’s our story. I think it’s a pretty good one!

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