mid-season wonderings; or how i couldn’t wait for spring break (again)

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Hello there!  Just stopping in to do a little update, as the quarter is almost over-less than a week! I’ve turned in a big project, need to print/turn in another huge one (but it’s finished), need to edit one for Monday, and have yet to really begin one for Tuesday (although I’ve put together half of an outline). Jon will be here a week from tomorrow and I can’t wait, obviously. But this time we have so much that we really need to talk about. Wedding questions abound! We’ve already begun slightly, but there are things that are so.much.easier to do when we can be in the same room, rather than skyping while sending links back and forth. Sigh. Long distance relationships-overrated.

And that’s another thing that’s been on my mind a lot lately. Why are we so far apart? Is this necessary? Are we doing the right thing (not the wedding part, obviously that’s right! I mean, the long distance business). Anyway, I’ve decided not to take any summer classes as I’d originally planned, and instead I’ll be heading over to the UK for another summer of sweet lovin’ and time with my man. And we may just see where that takes us. I love Ohio, and I love Columbus, but…it all really pales in comparison to how much happier my life is when Jon and I are living it together, wherever that is.  And there is just no reason to tell my dude to quit his job just so I can live in Cbus. Unless someone has a fabulous job they’d like to offer me, like, now? No? No one? Alright then. Another slightly chilly but ultimately lovely summer in England it is. Now if it would only get more spring like here again! Snow/rain tonight, with more snow predicted for tomorrow. This is just not okay. I need some sunshine. And temperatures in at least the low 50s. Deal, Mother Nature? How bout by next Wednesday you try to do that? That’s the official start of my spring break, so that’ll work.

Seems I’m full of meta questions to the cosmos tonight.

Onward-the countdown is fully on. (This is what I mean, my life shouldn’t constantly be a countdown!) 5 days until I finish winter quarter. 8 days until Jon is here. It’s almost time for a little relaxation, and I so badly need it. Time to power through!

2 thoughts on “mid-season wonderings; or how i couldn’t wait for spring break (again)”

    1. a little up north travel to see my fam, but mostly just sitting around in Cbus, eating lots of food and drinking lots of good beer! hoping for some sunshine:)

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