Norwegian Wood


Some things.

1. Riding the bus in the evening is much less miserable when the sun stays out until nearly 8 pm. Sunshine to stand in and be warm!

2. You know how when you’re a ¬†freshman in college and you come to school on the first day, and you don’t know people, and it’s kind of scary? But by the next year, you start to see people you know everywhere, and it feels much more relaxed and like you have a place? (Notice I am not comparing this experience to high school, since at my tiny high school everyone was just continuing to grow up with the exact same people we’d already known for 10 years) Well that turn around is far quicker in graduate school-at least around here. In my rather large class tonight, I knew at least 10 people from the past two quarters’ worth of classes. I felt like an old hand! Catching up from spring break, asking after one another…it was nice. I belong!

3. I just finished reading Norwegian Wood last night. I do enjoy Haruki Murakami, although this was only the second novel of his that I’ve read. However, I’m still percolating over the book. As a love story, I was not impressed, and in fact kept getting angry at the selfishness of some of the main characters. As a coming of age/nostalgia piece…maybe. I need to think more. ¬†It’s definitely been on my mind since finishing-the signs of a strong novel, in my head at least. So maybe I’ll change my mind. These are the days when I wish I had a book club to mull things over with. Oh, and apparently they’ve turned Norwegian Wood into a movie, but it’s not coming out in the U.S. Hm. Not sure if I’d see it or not, although the trailer looks gorgeous and I’m a sucker for visually stunning films, no matter how terrible the plot/dialogue (Marie Antoinette, anyone?).


4 thoughts on “Norwegian Wood”

  1. You know…I have always been hesitant to be critical of Murakami because critically he seems to be beyond reproach, lots of friends whose judgment I trust absolutely have described his work as life-changing, and I assumed there was something I was missing, etc. However, while I am often incredibly engaged reading his novels, at the end I am sort of pissed and dissatisfied. I feel like he ties up his loose ends sloppily/lazily. I don’t know. Glad to know someone else is scratching her head a bit.

    1. Yes Ev! I enjoy the mythical/magical aspects of his work, but here as a simple “love story” where basically people just have sex with one another, and don’t talk most of the time-and add in boat loads of suicide-my response is more of a “whaa?”. Glad I’m not the only one! No doubt he’s engaging though-everything he does is a page turner.

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