Black Olive

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The night before Jon leaves, every time he visits, we try to go somewhere and have a nice dinner together. Delicious food, a few good drinks, and some conversation-it’s a good way to wrap up his visits. We can ignore how I spend most of the meal near tears, telling him to stay in Ohio because he “works on the internet”…but anyway. To say goodbye to spring break this time around we headed to Black Olive in the Short North (yes, we hang out in the Short North a lot….can’t help it!) The food was amazing and in fact we inhaled it so fast that I didn’t take pictures. Not that sometimes it’s enjoyable to not be the weirdo at a fancy place taking pictures of your meal. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment as it presents itself.

If you live in the Columbus area, you should definitely check out Black Olive. The grilled zucchini appetizer that we had was ridiculous. So good!

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