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Jeni’s…I just can’t say enough. Thank you for your fabulous, crazy ice cream flavors. Always exciting, always delicious. (Partial to the cherry lambic sorbet myself). As I have found wedding planning so far to be…daunting, and ever changing, my plans so far go like this (for the Ohio portion of the wedding, obviously-I don’t think anyone ships ice cream/cupcakes overseas…yet):

1. buy cute dress, probably short. maybe white? or not?

2. eat jeni’s ice cream

3. eat bakery gingham cupcakes

4. be married

As you can see, my plans are vague at best. But delicious.

This is the face one makes when sampling a bit of cashew banana curry ice cream.

This night was last week (already! time, it is flying) when Jon was still here-duh. We had a little double date with my lady Nia, her dude Jeff, and her little one Kai. At once point, he decided to leave ice-cream flecked kissy lips on the Jeni’s window…adorable and hilarious.

Kai was not above tasting everyone’s ice cream. But then again, he’s 2 years old, so it’s to be expected. Well, and I did it too…and I’m 26. So, it’s a draw, really.

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