Ladies Swappin’ Clothes


Yesterday I took a break from my slightly hungover, heavily studying state to head over to a clothing swap at my friend Jen’s house. She is essentially my travel/life twin, but she is cooler than me in myriad ways. We met in a class at Ohio State in undergrad, then while I was studying abroad in France, she was in the Czech Republic. When I was in the Marshall Islands post degree, she was back in the CR teaching English. And then she got all badass and did a Fulbright in Romania while I was South Korea. Now we’re both in Ohio once again, living our parallel lives. She’s starting a grad program in Toronto in the fall-awesome.

But I digress. Alternative economies! Bringing ladies and their unwanted clothes together for free swappage!

They set up the house like a little boutique. It was adorable. And they provided strawberries and yummy beer. I was just thankful to leave the house with less than I went with-important. I picked up a new long white hippy skirt (my last one, unfortunately ruined by a few too many outdoor festival/concerts), a grandpa cardigan (my love of cardis runs deep), and a saucy little tank top. A successful trip. And these ladies have an enviable record collection, to be sure.

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