Wedding Wednesday: Hair Edition


I have a lot of hair. And when thinking of what to do with it on the “big day” (coughcough) I have lots of ideas. Up or down? Halfsies? Fascinator? Mini veil? Perhaps a tiny hat? So many choices! Here are some of the fave things I’ve seen on the internetz. See if you notice a theme…

Can you tell how partial I am to braids? Messy or not, they always draw me in. In fact, if I don’t go the braided look, I’ll probably just leave it long and hopefully, angelic. Or, at least, I will be attempting to channel an angelic look with my hair. We’ll see what happens I guess.

In other wedding news, I’ve ordered a dress! I hope it fits. And I hope it looks good ON. Let me tell you, wedding dress shopping is hard-harder than I thought. I have no idea what would look good on me! Every picture I see is of a tall, skinny little thang, and I am neither of those. I am short, and average/slenderish. Generally this is fine when shopping, as I can picture things on my own body. With wedding gowns, not so much. It’s not every day you wear a gown, or even a fancy dress, so the styles are a bit out of my range of familiarity. In sum, keep your fingers crossed for me and this awesome dress that I’ve ordered.

And one last thing! The Short North Wedding Walk is on Sunday. There will be a “bridal fashion show” and several local vendors offering up their goods and services (Marcella’s and Bakery Gingham are two examples, which I’m excited about!). Should be a good time for any Cbus brides that are interested. It’s free and you can go here to register. See you there! (I’ll be the one eating as many free cupcakes as possible while glugging champagne, if available)

2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Hair Edition”

    1. Hi Ashley! We’re planning for end of summer-basically a step up from elopement, as we’re not big “wedding people”! I loooove oncewed. That shit is crack for people who like pretty things. Also Soooo beautiful. Thanks for stopping by! I love love love your blog and your epic ability to thrift. 🙂

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