Cake stands and the like

America eating

Last night I went to a party and this happened:

That, my friends, is called a cake stand. The much more delicious cousin of the inebriated keg stand. More birthday appropriate. I was invited to this party by the birthday girl, miss Brigit (seen here doing the cake stand). She is wonderful, hilarious, ¬†and also from my very rural hometown-we did plays together back in the day. We planned to surprise another friend of hers/mine, Evie, who I studied abroad with back in the day, but who is now very good friends with Brigit and lives next door! She didn’t know that we knew each other. Are you confused yet? Small world, etc etc.

There she is! Who knew I was so much shorter? I even have heels on...

The party was fun, and chock full of delicious food. I brought some kimchi jijae as my contribution, as the theme was “from your travels” and I love korean food oh-so-much. There was food, there was a laptop dance party, there were lovely people. A solid Friday-the kind I love and won’t forget. Sometimes it’s just so nice being here in this city, and seeing connections from different parts of my life, coming together in a beautiful, heart-warming way. Those warm fuzzies….they are here.


And to finish up, bring it back to the brie…because it was amazing.

Sometimes I am so grateful for the things that I have, and the people that I know.

Oh, and p.s. Evie keeps an inspiring blog of her own over here

2 thoughts on “Cake stands and the like”

    1. I was pretty stoked to be there-you know good people Miss E! Not to mention I stuffed myself and danced my face off.

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