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Going to an event whose whole purpose is to pimp out Columbus-area weddings just proves how ridiculously expensive the whole wedding industry makes their products. Venues, dresses, flowers, stationary-slap “wedding” on something and truly, you can charge at least two times more than whatever your product is worth. That being said, I went to a “wedding walk” today and it was pretty awesome (hypocrisy, nice to see you!). Lots of free stuff-very much appreciated, particularly from the places that I’d never experience if I didn’t have wedding planning as an excuse-and absolutely gorgeous weather to boot. The first 80 degree day of the season!

My mom came with Rachel and I. I am really trying hard to include my family and close friends in this wedding planning process-not in an annoying do-stuff-for-me way, but the fun parts too. It was nice having this day with her. A long day of free goodies, cupcakes, champagne,mimosa, and various wedding porn. Very bonding. Not to mention I won two, count ’em TWO, separate raffles! For cool things!

It’s also really nice having one of my best friends ¬†going through the whole “wedding” thing-although we’re both doing very out of the box things (in my mind, at least)-it’s comforting having someone to talk generic matrimonial nonsense with for hours, knowing they don’t secretly hate you because they’re doing the same thing!

That picture is from Big Rock Little Rooster-ridiculous, super expensive, amazing wedding gowns. If I wanted to be a beautiful princess cupcake, that is the dress I would pick. It probably weighs 50 pounds, at least.

Alright, I promise not to talk about weddings for awhile. I guess I could have saved this post for wedding Wednesday! But I won’t. I’m a rebel like that.

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  1. Word. At first I was surprised that there were so many great free gifts and giveaways…then i realized that if even a couple of the ladies in attendance end up buying their services it will be TOTALLY worth it. It’s like giving celebrities swag in hopes they’ll wear it in public…or something like that.

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