Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Favor Edition


Okay. Our wedding is coming up really soon. Like, 4 months soon. Because we moved lots of things around. So now you know! And I can’t really express how excited I am, but I very much am.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about wedding favors. These are such an easy thing to fuck up! (Pardon ma francais, mes amies) But seriously, people sometimes give terrible, terrible favors. No one wants a plastic pen with your face on it, or your names. ┬áBut I digress.

And since we’re having very few guests at our nuptials, we want to avoid that. Criteria: eco-friendly and/or sustainable, possibly edible, sourced locally or homemade. Jon and I decided today what we’ll be doing, but I have to keep it a secret for any potential guests that may be reading:)

Things I’ve like around the internet:

Ruffled had a huge wedding favor contest with great ideas!

DIY Nutella

Coffee Bags

Delicious homemade vanilla extract

Awesome books-my bibliophile self really loves this idea. But what book to give?!

So many great ideas out there in the world. Finding what works for your own day is actually a really fun endeavor. (Because not all of wedding planning is) This, I enjoy. That, and spending endless hours dreaming up a fabulous menu. Jon and I are really, REALLY good at that part.

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