Do it like a Viking

America eating

Mead! Have you had it? Because I hadn’t. Apparently it is wine made from honey, as compared to wine made from grapes. I don’t actually know if Vikings drank it, but in my mind, they did. We have a new meadery in town called Brothers Drake. Rachel and I checked it out last Friday. The owner, Woody, was so nice! Plus, they have almonds for bar snacks. Win. They also source locally, sell local art, and host sweet punk bands here and there. Try the Bergamot!

 That woman and I had a little chat about the royal wedding (which is connected to why she is wearing that fabu hat).

I love supporting sweet local businesses! Each one is so unique and lively and makes Cbus a little better. I hope they make it-I’ll be there for a drink or two this summer with Jon, for sure.

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