Old Things are the Best Things


Grandview Mercantile is one of my favorite places in Columbus. They have the best things in there-old, crazy, beautiful, and sometimes not so beautiful, but wonderfully weird things. I could wander through the goods for hours! I was having a terrible day on Saturday and wasn’t going to go out at all, but managed to rouse myself enough to head out for a little gallery hopping with Joe to get out of my own head for a little bit. The night turned way crazier than expected in the end, but really, I guess that’s just what happens sometimes. Anyway, we stopped for a drink in Bodega to escape the rain before running down the street to Mercantile to….yep….escape the rain, again.

Now onto the old and fun things!

Go ahead and spot the naughty bits in that portrait above. Go on. Dare ya.

Really, Grandview Mercantile is a great place to pass the time. I love it a lot. And eventually we had to venture back out into the rain, but we survived.

In other news, I am overwhelmed, truly. Halfway through the seventh of 10 weeks of classes (11 when counting finals week), and I am burnt. out. Endless reading, papers, presentations, class. I think I am a far more interesting person outside of grad school, and it saddens me that my brain is so fried right now and yet so bored. Moreso, I am saddened by the lack of progressive discussions in my classes this quarter-there is so much work, but the actual classtime is lackluster at best, frustrating at worst. I have one amazing class, that’s all (and it’s technically not within my major, so what does that mean?). I love learning-I always have and I think I always will. I could sit in interesting, thoughtful classrooms all day (okay, most of the day, with coffee and perhaps an everything bagel). But that is not what this quarter has had in store. So I’m doing all I can to keep my head up, powering through these last few weeks, enjoying the classes that offer any joy and looking forward to a busy, love-dovey, active summer. Speaking of,  that’s the other thing that’s fallen to the wayside-my fitness! Which is not cool, considering I have a wedding  or two or three coming up. Besides the usual reasons of vanity, I feel gross when I don’t work out enough. And I have not had the time during the week to hit as many workouts as I’d like (this is a terrible excuse, I realize). I just cannot recall the last time I felt stretched so thin. I have high hopes for a summer of recovery, focusing on getting my self back in check, inside and out. In the spirit of optimism, let’s end this whine-fest with a list of things I’m really looking forward to this month:

*seeing the Avett Brothers in concert!

*dancing my ass off at the Robyn concert (I see a pattern…)

*ordering my real real wedding dress

*riding my bike even more on these gorgeous sunny days

*seasonal fruit!

*long Memorial day weekend in a few weeks

*clothes swap/summer version

*BOB at the LC Pavillion

Sometimes it’s good to try to keep things in perspective, right?

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