The weekend’s biggest accomplishment:

I love rhubarb. As I told Jon, it’s like if lemons and strawberries had a delicious, tart baby.

Besides that, I wrote a paper, read some stuff, went for a run or two, pretty mundane, but overall enjoyable, times. I also hung out with my dear friend Rachel, who is leaving for Texas in a few short weeks(!). I don’t know what I’m going to do without her. So far, I haven’t really thought about it and have actively avoided the thought. In fact, I’m moving into her house at the end of summer, so it will be very real then (but that’s far away and easier to avoid thinking about). But the kicker is how fast it’s going right now. She graduated from law school on Friday and I am so incredibly proud of her. And instead of walking in her graduation, she went to watch a matinee of Bridesmaids with me-because that was a way better, more hilarious option. That one…she is a keeper and a lifelong lady friend. But she’s leaving at the end of the month and to be honest, I’m dreading it a bit. My last 4 months in Ohio, she won’t be here. Not cool . And then I’ll leave too, so I guess it’s all fair, but I would just be so much happier if we left at the same time! Ah, shit. Pity party, here I am.

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