End of the World, etc.


Even though the supposed end of the world was supposed to happen this weekend, I actually had an abnormally good and exciting time-maybe the excitement was in the air, I just don’t know. First off-Agora 8. There’s an art exhibition held in a warehouse in my neighborhood where hundreds of artists work most of the year. Then for this one day in May, they open up the warehouse to the public, sell booze and local food, bring in a couple of bands and have a real mini festival in Grandview! I’d never been-apparently this started 8 years ago-so hitting up the scene with an old hand like my friend Frances was a great way to spend the warm afternoon. Tons of interesting (and sometimes scary/weird/hilarious) art.

You can bet I ate a delicious vegan orange cupcake from Pattycake Bakery! Thank heaven for cupcakes. Really.

That doll was so creepy. And not that these pictures really show it, but there was a really diverse showing of art. Sculptures, various mediums on canvas, intricate paper cutting, wood burning, jewelry, all sorts of stuff. And then this.


So after all that good stuff, I rounded up the troops for a little themed night out at an end of the world party a lady friend of mine was hosting! We were told to dress accordingly. I love themes, and of course obliged. I was going for a Mad Max sort of thing, but mostly I think it was an interpretation of 90s grunge, which I mostly missed, being a young child in the early/mid 90s and all. Which I would like to do all the time in real life, if I could. Lord knows I wear flannel enough. But purply lipstick? It’s enough that I own one for real things-I just don’t know when to wear it! This party afforded the perfect opportunity. Plus there was a bonfire, shark posters, freestyle rapping, and a projecter set up showing youtube videos of that zombie ant thing from Planet Earth. Unfortunately, outfit pictures were only from the waist up (I need an easier camera for my peeps to use!) so you can’t see my boots! The horror!

We didn’t die! We’re still here! And I make a terrible serious face.

Hope everyone had a good time not being raptured last night!

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