Low down dirty thieves


RIP Bianca…

I went to class yesterday at 4:30 pm. Had a lovely ride to campus in the beautiful afternoon sunshine and locked up my lady there to a rack in front of my building. When I came out at 7 she was gone! I had a little moment of denial where I told myself that no, she wasn’t gone, I’d just forgotten that I rode the bus. But no, the lock had been tossed aside. She had been taken. I cried, and called the police, and then came home and cried again. I am sad. I know it was just a bike-but it was a great bike. And I only had it for 6 weeks. And biking to and from campus is the best part of my day.

So now the search is on. I’m trolling craiglist, checking out secondhand bike shops, giving a triple side-eye to anyone with a green bike that crosses my path, and generally hating humanity. Well, that’s not true actually. A lot of people have been so, so sweet and helpful concerning this whole fiasco, and for that I am thankful. Not everyone in the world is terrible. Just the d-bag bike thief trolling Ohio State campus yesterday. I’m looking for you dude. It’s on. If I find you, you are going to have 5’3″ of rage comin’ your way.

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