And it spread


The show was great last night. Things that happened:

-walked to venue from friend’s house.

-was told i couldn’t take my camera inside

-walked back to friend’s house, deposited camera, drank more more

-walked back to venue second time, got in successfully

-rocked out

The show was sold out, the beer was big and delicious, and the company was fabulous. The weather was hot and I couldn’t have asked for a better Friday (save having my dude there beside me, but that’s a give). There really is nothing better than the atmosphere of hundreds of people singing along to every word of a great band…my heart swells thinking about it. The power of music-not something to be scoffed at.

I obviously didn’t take any pictures at the show, but pre-show…we got a little silly. It was so nice to see my friend Katie again, and to meet her super nice bf Ben. Hopefully it won’t be too long before another reunion.


Oh, and it was a birthday, so there was this!

That is what 28 candles looks like on a cake-straight up fire hazard.

Oh, and this morning I also woke up to this (yep, I still have friend sleepovers in my mid-20s). This cat was weird, but proved once again that while I am a cat “hater”, I never actually hate cats that I meet on a person-to-cat level. C’est la vie.

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