Asian Festival


We know I have a thing for nearly all Asian foods- Korean cuisine holds a special place in my heart-and I will basically pick any dish from any Asian country over other fare (except for squid-centered ones, I really cannot do the chewy thing there). Therefore, yesterday’s Asian Festival at Franklin Park Conservatory (so gorgeous!) was a little piece of heaven for me. I got to eat kimchi, kimbap, and japchae, arguably three of my fave Korean dishes. Plus I washed it all down with a huge HUGE pineapple shaved ice from a family of Hawaiians.


Besides loads of food from every Asian country imaginable (including Spanish-Phillipine fushion, who knew?) there were lots of cultural festivities going on-drumming, dancing, martial arts, hindi tattooing, and the playing of traditional instruments from various countries. Two of my favorite presentations were a group of amazing master dancers from Japan, and a young Chinese woman who played some sort of long, stringed guitar-like instrument that I didn’t catch the name of. She was great!

Despite the sweltering weather, there was a big crowd. We didn’t stay too long-only a couple of hours of sweaty walking around, and I have a mini sunburn today to prove it. Oh well, totally worth it!

Bulgogi guy!

I don’t know what I’m doing here-that high waisted skirt was a bad idea with it’s weird cumberbund-stomach-enhancing effect. But I’ll probably wear it again, who am I kidding? No one, that’s who. I love that skirt, but I thought it was too hippy like with the tank over it…things to keep in mind when I dress myself during the day.

Oh, and I saw this guy. Are hare krishnas allowed to use DSLRs? I just don’t know the answer to that.

Happy Memorial day out there! I find it interesting that today is a holiday in the U.S., England, and Korea, all for different reasons. A bit of trivia for your internet browsing today.

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