Memorial day


Mmmmm mmmmmm….

Sometimes I think I can never leave this city. That if there was anywhere I could stay forever, I would pick here, where my favorite places are. Where (almost all) my favorite people are. Where I can spend a day reading on my front porch, soaking up the hot humidity of a late May day along with the first pink sunburn of the year, invite one of my favorite people (and her dog) over for porch beers and catching up, then head over to another friend’s house for grilled veggie burgers and baby pool frolicking. Where else can I do this? Why would I try to find somewhere new?

¬†Well, there is at least one very good reason why I need to be open to new things. And that’s okay really, because I’ve never been one yet to just settle down and acquiesce to whatever is handed to me, so I’m more than open to life adventures-especially with my best man friend. I just hope that we find our way back to Columbus at some point. It really is such a great place. And full of wonderful people/things/etc. And sometimes I have a wonderful weekend full of fun and friends and new things, and it seems like I am too old to start over again again again. But really, I’m just not that old. And the new start is still kinda far away. And who knows where we’ll be next time the sun is shining on a May day in the city?



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