The Columbus Zoo Zoo Zoo…sing along!


It’s hard to say goodbye, even for a little while, to one of your best friends. But the time came, and last night I gave a tearful fare thee well to my lady Rachel and her new husband Ryan. As I write this, they are driving cross country to a newlywed life in Texas-road trip! But the past few days we’ve been having some epic good times (even though I’m in the midst of last week of classes/finals). Priorities! Last night we got our dance on and drank some drinks, all dressed up, but those pictures will have to wait for another time-because I don’t have them, she does. Can’t wait for that!  But anyway, earlier in the week on Thursday  we took a trip to the zoo. The Columbus Zoo, as a matter of fact (go watch this commercial for the tune that begat the title of this post…now I can’t stop singing it…no wait, I can’t find it online. Nevermind. oops.). And while zoos often creep me out and I’ve blogged about that before, I think the Cbus zoo is really a great place-lots of space for the animals, cool exhibits,  and overall a great experience. We really picked a great day too-all the animals were out running around, having a good time, and enjoying their visitors!

Is that not the cutest arctic fox you’ve ever seen?! Assuming you’ve ever seen one. Adorable.

We took a boat ride for $1. On the boat ride, Kellie got pooped on by a bird. It was hilarious.

Literally a minute after this photo (please notice Ryan and Rachel in the back-ha!) there was shit. It was…memorable. And so funny.

 Polar bear!

And in fact we have a very similar picture of us from five or so years ago on a hammerhead shark, but I can’t seem to find it to post right now. Bummer. Just picture it in your head, because it’s an awesome picture.

In sum, I love the Columbus zoo. And apparently it’s now the #1 zoo in the country, so that’s pretty great. Good job zoo! I’ll definitely be back there later this summer!



2 thoughts on “The Columbus Zoo Zoo Zoo…sing along!”

  1. He/it is soooo cute! He was obsessively licking the fence, and it was mesmerizing. And he had a little foxy friend who was molting and therefore less cute, and was running around like a crazy thing. It was awesome.

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