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Last night Mike and I had an epic, mosh-pit, beer drizzled dance party at the Robyn concert. Do you remember Robyn? If you’re American and reading this-yes, it’s that one, from the 90s who sang “Show me love” and “Always be around”. But if you’re from Europe and/or love dance pop, you definitely know who she is. And who she is is AMAZING. The concert was fantastic. Lots of very gay men (short shorts/mesh tanks/headband/etc…awesome), with a smattering of not-gay men. Everyone was dancing and having a joyous time. I even made a friend, a drunk girl who I danced the night away with! Oh, and I met crazy-ass Laurie Ann Gibson from the Dance Scene, that new reality show on E! about her life being an A-list choreographer in Hollywood. Oh yeah.

I look ridiculous, but that woman has absolutely perfected the art of sexyface ™. Thanks for the phone picture Mike!

Drinking on a Sunday night did not make for a wonderful Monday. Not that I drank a lot, but seriously, a 32 ounce cup of Bud Select, followed by another, is a WHOLE LOT OF BEER. My whole stomach today felt full of liquid. Le sigh. The consequences of being a 26 year old social drinker. I woke up incredibly early (by accident), edited a paper, turned in that paper, worked out, gave a presentation in the afternoon, then joined another class for a make up session that took place at a French bistro across the way. I accidentally ordered beef bourginon when in my mind I meant spaghetti bolognese. That was a sleepy (and very dense, food-wise) mistake. I am frazzled. But in three days I will turn in my final paper for the quarter, in 5 days I will have a party at my house, and in 7 days I will be in England. Life is hectic, but not so terrible, really.

Now, the remnants of my dance party.


2 thoughts on “Cobrastyle”

  1. Ashley, I’m a 27 year old social drinker- totally feel you on the two beer (after many mannny hours) thing!

    The last two concerts I’ve been to were Lady Gaga and Kylie – those concerts are officially where gay Atlanta comes out to play – glorious!

    p.s. Love the pic of you and Laurie Ann!

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