Summer is here. I turned in my last paper this afternoon-as expected, once I had a solid immediate deadline, the whole thing came together beautifully. I spent my afternoon lolling about, watching Bridezillas on tv (terrible women, those) and attempting to shake the feeling that there was something more for me to do. But there wasn’t. And there isn’t. And I am so thankful to have made it! 9 months of graduate school finished. This summer I’ll work on my portfolio/thesis, next fall I’ll finish classes and graduate in December. Keep your fingers crossed for me. While that will all be here before I know it, for now I just want to enjoy my few days in Columbus with friends, sunshine, and laziness. Read a book that’s not for class. Clean my room. Sleep late. Go thrifting. Pack my bags. Tuesday I’m off for reunification with my darling man for a whole three months. Tonight I feel so, so good.

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