Summer parties are the best parties!


We had the most eclectic group of people ever in my house last night. People from different domains of the life that I have lived so far, and Joe’s too-old work friends, school friends, hometown friends, friends of friends…you name it, they were drinking in my dining room (and on my porch, and in my living room, and in the backyard….), sitting in the grass, and kickin’ it in our general space. We grilled and had an epic spread-veggie dogs, bratwurst, vegetarian sloppy joes, asparagus, baked from scratch mac n cheese, potato and pasta salads, tons of fruit, chips-and oh the beverages! There was a lot of booze ya’ll. A lot. It was a great time. Now all that’s left to do is pack and I’m out-I’ve officially said ‘peace’ to Cbus for the next 6 weeks. England, I’m a-comin’!


All pictures courtesy the lovely Lindsey (still none from me until I can charge my camera with the battery charger…that is in England)

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