A Torquay Wedding

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Even though Jon and I are engaged ourselves, in the two years that we’ve been together we’ve never gone to a wedding together. Weird, right? I thought so. That was finally remedied this past Saturday when we road tripped down to Torquay for the wedding of Gill and Nick, Nick being one of Jon’s old university roommates. They are a really amusing, super hilarious couple if ever there was one. The whole thing was really fun-everyone was in such a good mood! Although the weather wasn’t exactly pleasant down by the sea, it wasn’t terrible, and the rain held off long enough for outdoorsy pictures before everyone piled in the chartered bus for our trip to the reception venue. The ceremony itself was in a small room in Torre Abbey, which was absolutely beautiful. Strong point of living in England-you can get married in a castle/manor house/abbey that is hundreds of years old, and ¬†unabashedly awesome. Afterwards, there was much receptional dancing and rowdiness, believe you-me. And it was really nice having the chance to spend so much quality time with my man, driving to the Southwest and just hanging out! Not to mention finally meeting so many of the dudes that color his very interesting uni stories:)

 (Last two pictures c/o the lovely Dave Parry!)

Now I’m back to lazing about. The combined change of crazy temperatures from near 90s in Ohio to low 60s and rainy in England, plus all the traveling stress has combined to give me some sort of horrendous cold. I’m hacking and wheezing over here-it ain’t pretty. Keep your fingers crossed that I survive.

5 thoughts on “A Torquay Wedding”

  1. not again! you poor thing I wish you didn’t get sick so often feel bad for you, hope all is well other wise. The wedding pics look beautiful. I know you wedding is going to be just as beautiful love you both

    1. haha mom, i hardly ever get sick-that’s your mom brain over reacting:) but thanks! i’m sure i’ll be better soon.

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