Torquay road trip part 2

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More road tripping pictures! No surprise, it was raining when we left Haywards Heath for Torquay on Friday night. I met Jon at the station after he got off work, we took the train to Gatwick to meet the fella who we were borrowing the car from (check out Whipcar if you haven’t yet, pretty awesome way to rent a car but in a more co-op kind of way with individual people) and we were on our way! Look at that excitement…


Thankfully it didn’t rain the whole time. We drove by Stonehenge at one point, which reminded me that almost exactly a year ago we were there, wandering around, looking at the stones and whatnot. The place was crowded-I didn’t realize it was nearly solstice time.

We didn’t actually go to Torquay on Friday night, instead stopping halfway to stay at a hotel and chill out before completing the next 3 or so hours on Saturday morning. We went to a pub for dinner and called it an early night, despite the party going on all around that crazy little hotel (maybe a better idea to not stay in places with a “club” on the first floor…partyyyy). Also, our room was tilted, which was amusing all by itself. When you got out of the bed you sort of just stumbled directly into the wall or the bathroom without any effort of your own.

We amused ourselves waiting for our dinner by taking some pictures as if we were flying through space…ahhhhhhhhh.




4 thoughts on “Torquay road trip part 2”

    1. Me too! It was great, super convenient. Sort of a craigslist type thing almost-we borrowed a BMW from a dude who didn’t need it for the weekend, met him, returned it two days later. He made extra money for a weekend when he wasn’t using the car anyway, and we saved money that would have gone to a far more expensive and complicated rental.

  1. you shouldn’t be taking pictures while your driving. wait a sec…my bad..the steering wheel is in front of Jon.

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