Crepes and Shopping

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I hate being sick. I really do. And it’s not like I’m sick very often, because I’m really not-but when I do get a bug, it lasts foreevvvvvvveeeer. (Say it like in the Sandlot, that’s how I said it). Anyway, still sick. A plateau has been reached. Still barreling through this week, I’m determined to overcome this son of a gun. However, this did not stop some weekend adventuring in the sunshine this past Saturday and Sunday. Have to take advantage of the lovely weather when it come around! So Jon and I went shopping and meandering around Brighton on Saturday. In particular we were looking for Jon’s wedding outfit, but we didn’t really succeed. I, however, got two pairs of shoes and Jon got some too so…win. Besides the shopping and endless walking, we met up with the adorable Michele and ate at the delicious Wai Kika Moo Kau (tofu stir fry!) and my sense of smell came back long enough to taste my meal. Score!

And then there were crepes…..oh the crepe. It was amazing. Delicious lunch indeed. If I worked in Brighton, I would eat various crepes for lunch every day.

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