Down(s) and Out

England travels

British people like to do this little thing called “walking”. And they don’t mean it like walking, walking. They sort of mean it in the way that most Americans would say hiking, but since this is England and there are far more flattish yet still hilly areas, it’s not exactly hiking, but it’s definitely still walking in a possibly athletic, outdoorsy way. So…walking! It’s fun. Good old fashioned, ambling-along type fun. And the scenery is beautiful. There are lovely places all over the country where walking is popular and there are particular trails worn out for the occasion. (We did a lot of “healthy walks” last year in Derbyshire, for example)To take advantage of the amazing weather last weekend (from which I am now sporting quite the farmer tan, by the way) we headed up to the South Downs. The place was positively crawling with other walkers and even some crazy impressive bikers. Their thighs were like tree trunks, I tell you. And we had a picnic! It was great. And the dogs loved it too, because we saw lots of cows and sheep and even a horse.

I hope we can go back again this summer. I’d love to do a really long one, perhaps with a pub lunch involved somehow…

2 thoughts on “Down(s) and Out”

  1. my kind of place! can’t wait to see it for myself . Have always loved the out doors and walking is the shit! Everything looks so green and beautiful. Are you feeling better now? You look like you do.Soak up that sun love and miss you very much.

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